Quantum Energy and Bike Bazaar Join Hands for Quantum Bziness Pro Leasing, Driving Sustainable Mobility Solutions

New Delhi: Quantum Energy, a leading electric vehicle (EV) start-up specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of electric scooters, has announced its strategic tie-up with Bike Bazaar, an RBI-registered finance company that specialises in retail financing of Pre-Owned & New-vehicles. The agreement involves collaborating and powering a substantial number of Quantum Bziness Pro e-scooters, thereby facilitating eco-friendly transportation options and catering to the needs of last-mile deliveries.

The Quantum Energy’s Bziness Pro e-scooter sets a new standard in its category, providing an innovative and transformative means of transportation that is both speedy and environmentally friendly. With an impressive range of up to 135 km on a single charge, this e-scooter is equipped with a high-performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery, which comes with a warranty of 3 years or 90,000 km. Moreover, the Quantum Bziness Pro is packed with segment-leading features, including an inbuilt IOT tracker with an IP67 rated battery pack, Remote Lock-Unlock, Anti-Theft Alarm, USB Charger, Disc Brakes, LCD Display, and more.

Mr. Chakravarthi Chukkapalli, Managing Director of Quantum Energy Limited, said , “With this partnership, we would like to make last-mile connectivity greener. Quantum Energy’s fleet is the smart choice for sustainable transportation. Through this partnership with Bike Bazaar, we aim to promote the adoption of electric vehicles for all kinds of deliveries. We are also working towards partnering with e-commerce and retail outlets for the use of electric vehicles in India and contribute to the country’s efforts towards a durable and carbon-neutral future”.

Karunakaran V, Joint MD and Co-Founder, Bike Bazaar Finance , said, “Bike Bazaar takes pride in associating with Quantum Energy for fastening the transition to electric mobility in last mile delivery segment. As a company dedicated to positively impacting the ESG space, we share a common vision with Quantum Energy towards a sustainable world. We are optimistic that our partnership will pave the way for new milestones in the electric two-wheeler industry and further the cause of clean energy in India.

About Quantum Energy:

Quantum Energy is an electric 2-wheeler manufacturing firm which is into the design, development and production of electric scooters. The company has a state-of-the-art R&D center and manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. Quantum Energy is backed by the Kusalava group, a firm that has been in the automotive business for the past 60 years with interests in auto-component manufacturing, automobile dealerships and auto-financing. With such a legacy, Quantum Energy’s offering has a range of 2-wheelers in the consumer and cargo segment.