Avni- A menstrual healthcare startup aims at doubling the traction from Telangana market

New Delhi: AVNI- a young a feminine care and hygiene startup brand has announced ambitious target of doubling its traction from Telangana region. Currently, the brand attracts 9% of the overall traction from the region and aims to work towards taking the number up to 16%. The brand receives handsome number of queries pouring in on the menstrual care helpline by the brand which motivates it to create more awareness and spread its reach. The brand currently offers an array of conscious menstrual healthcare products including – washable antimicrobial cloth pads, intimate wipes, natural organic cotton pads etc. Following the recent boom in organic products focussed retail chain in the state, Avni plans to leverage the opportunity to foray into offline system too. “We have always received a good response from southern region, of which cities like Hyderabad have been playing significant role. Therefore, we are planning to further pursue the trend and expand in line with the same. We aim at exploring marketing strategies focused on the region to accelerate our growth and widen our presence in the area,” said Mrs. Sujata Pawar- Co-Founder, Avni- menstrual healthcare startup.

After successfully crossing the mark of 25000+ active customers through the D2C model the brand is looking at fueling its ecommerce presence followed by offline availability.

About Avni

Avni founded in August 2020 in Thane, Maharashtra is a young start-up focused on detoxifying menstrual care while empowering women. Founded by the husband-wife duo -Sujata Pawar and Apurv Agrawal, Avni, a conscious menstrual care product for women. The brand offers well-researched, innovative, tested products to facilitate women hygiene during periods. The co-founders envision Avni to emerge as a reliable women healthcare brand with the support of medical experts, 24X7 helpline, and conscious products right from menarche to menopause.