Call Or Cry? The Afghan Women

Author: Alaina Rishi

History is a witness that whenever Islamic regimes use their understanding of the Sharia law, a philosophically divine interpretation of mankind’s functioning, the outcomes are catastrophic especially for the women. The Taliban is not a new organization and they are now back to power after almost twenty years. Their roots run back to decades. Similarly, the atrocities inflicted by them on the women of whichever state they annex are alarming and horrible.When we talk about the Afghan women, we must keep in mind that the liberties achieved by them since 2001 are now lost forever.

It had come to my attention, few days ago that a sixteen-year-old girl was burned alive by few members of the Taliban because she did not know how to cook. Girls aged twelve and above are taken away from their families to be forcefully married to these men or follow sex slavery. Afghanistan had come a long way when it came to enhancing women’s rights due to the active efforts of the country’s woman activists. The hard-earned rights of women gained so far regarding gender equality, right to education, protection against violence are all in peril.

Though the Taliban have claimed that women’s rights and freedom would be respected, going by the poor condition of girls in hitherto- Taliban controlled areas, much will be endangered. According to the latest UN reports, the Taliban has already started neglecting women’s rights. In some provinces women are forbidden from venturing out of their homes without a family member and mahram. Listing these aspects, it is likely that the Taliban will impose its medieval ideas of governance in Afghanistan with scant regard for human rights, freedom of speech, educational opportunities and freedom of work and leisure. The world should listen to their voices before its too late, before their passionate call for help turns into a helpless cry.