EFLU: fallout of prestigious institution?


Hyderabad: The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) which is exclusively meant for the study of languages, literatures, language teaching, education and culture in a very specific sense. But the recent purchase of books worth of Rs. 91 lakhs simply killed its purpose. As per the information available with Cyberpost.in, books of Computer Vignan: 82 titles, Jurisprudence and Human Rights: 50 titles, Music and Dance: 15 titles, Law, Criminology and Forensics: 62 titles, Physics: 42 and Computer Science: 9 tittles were purchased by the EFLU authorities wasting the huge money.

“Why would the library of a university that is dedicated to the study of languages, literature, teaching English, education and culture purchase books in physics, computer vignan (no idea if such a subject exists at all), computer science, jurisprudence and human rights, or law, criminology and forensics? We have none of the above departments”, questioned a student of the university.  It is clear as daylight that the purchase of the books was made without any academic consideration. In the absence of academic consideration in the selection of books based on teacher’s requests and recommendations, the malafide intentions of the buyer of the books is clearly established. In this case the Vice-Chancellor has given his final approval for the purchase of books which are irrelevant to the students or the teaching faculty of the university, alleged the student.

The Cyberpost.in also learnt that following violations done at the EFLU, in the process of selection of books:

1. E-books lists have been provided by the book suppliers/vendors in the form of packages. The legitimate process of selecting e-books has not been followed. Neither suggestions nor indents have been called nor given by any faculty members.

2. All the print and e books have been purchased in the last week of March every year. The e-books packages have been given but the list pertaining to books/titles that are supplied has not been given. There might be an overlap or repetition of titles for three consecutive years.

3.Random checks on whether e-books are downloadable or not was done before passing the bills for two years, and later after the payment, the e-books were downloaded. For the past years no cross-checking of books has been done except for downloading e-books.

4.This year the e-books were neither randomly checked nor downloaded.  All these instructions of not to cross check, not to check randomly and not to download have been given by Assistant Librarian of EFLU.