Mining will play a significant role in national development : Indian Bureau of Mines, Regional Controller of Mines, Shailendra Kumar

“Make in India” possible with Critical Minerals, Opportunity for our Country to be a leader in the manufacturing sector
The mining sector plays an important role in sustainable development and economic strengthening of the country
We have to adopt advanced technology in mineral exploration, We have to make use of the valuable minerals in coal waste.

Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) regional controller of mines Shailendra Kumar has said that mining will play a significant role in the development of the country by giving necessary impetus to economic growth. “Minerals are essential for modern living and the demand for the minerals found in the earth is set to increase exponentially with its demand in the manufacturing sector”, he said and added that the critical miners are being extensively used in the manufacture of mobile smartphones, flat-screen, defense, automobiles, medical imaging, television and other electronic products. China was topping the world in the exploration of miners and its export and making strides in the manufacturing sector, he stated.

Shailendra Kumar was participating in a national seminar on “Role of critical minerals in national development’ organised by the Mining engineers association of India (MEAI) in Hyderabad on Friday. Exuding with confidence that the country would emerge as number one in the world in the exploration of 12 critical miners used in the manufacturing sector, he said that there was good demand for rare earth minerals such as Beryllium, Germanium, Rhenium, Tantalum and others in the manufacturing sector in the world. Stressing on the need for the exploration and excavation of rare earth minerals in the country, he said that the country would progress at a rapid speed in the coming 10 years period. He said that there should be more explorations to attain self-sufficiency in the mining sector. The solar power panels used to generate green energy were also manufactured by using the rare minerals available on the earth, he stated.

He also stressed the need for the identification of critical minerals in the fly-ash, the by-product of the thermal power station after burning the coal. He said that there should be more research on the optimum utilisation of the flyash in the country to reduce pollution as well as using natural minerals.
MEAI president K Madhusudhan said that the country had achieved self-sufficiency in the production and utilization of coal to meet the energy requirements. The mining sector should also play a role in the development of other sectors of the country, he said and stressed more research to explore minerals without causing harm to nature.
Explaining about the activities of the MEAI and educational programmes to the students of mining engineers, MEAI former chairman of Hyderabad chapter Sushil Kumar said that MEAI belonging to Osmania and Kakatiya university had ensured reintroduction of mining engineering course in OU from this academic year onwards. Geological Survey of India former deputy director-general Dr Hari Sarvothaman explained the importance of the seminar in the country. MEAI Hyderabad chapter secretary and Singareni Chief Liaison officer B Mahesh and others were also present. On this occasion, a special souvenir was also released.

Singareni meeting the fuel needs of the State – Director (Operations) S. Chandrashekar

Singareni Company Director (Operations) S. Chandrashekar said that Singareni is meeting the fuel needs of Telangana through coal production. He spoke as the chief guest at the closing seminar of the National conference. He said that not just through tradition power generation but also taken a forward step through solar power generation. He said that there is a need for much more exploration to be done in the field of critical minerals. He explained that there is much scope for employment in the mining sector. He opraised the Mining Engineers Association for acting as a bridge between the students and Industries. MAIE former president Sanjay Patnaik, AMD former president Dr. Yamuna Singh and MAIE Secretary General M. Narasaiah spoke in the closing seminar.

Technical sessions on 7 subjects

Research Papers were presented on 7 subjects by experts at the National Conference held under the auspices of the Mining Engineers Association. Firstly Geological Survey of India Retired Director General Hari Sarvothaman on the subject “Current critical minerals Indian scenario”, Singareni Advisor (Mining) D. N. Prasad on the subject “coal crisis – effect on financial sector”, MSPL Limited Vice president, MAIE president K. Madhusudhan on the subject “Present conditions for Iron ore mining”, Telangana State Director B. R. V. Sushil Kumar on the subject “Heavy Mineral beach sand of India”, V. Balaram of CSIR on the subject “Rear Earth elements: a review of applications, occurrence, exploration, chemical characterization”, Dr. Yamuna Singh on the subject “Recovery of critical minerals from secondary sources in India”, P. Ramesh Chandra from Cyient Limited on the subject of “A minor occurrence of Vanadiferrous Titonomagnite at Jayapuram, Ananthapuram ”. Members of MEAI Hyderabad chapter, members of MEAI National council and almost 300 MEAI members, engineers and students participated online.