Owaisi says government has done ‘nothing’ to secure India’s interests, not taken stand against ‘radicalised’ Taliban

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Friday accused the BJP-led government of not securing the country’s foreign policy interests and said it has “not yet taken a stand against ‘radicalised’ Taliban”.His remarks came hours after the Prime Minister’s address at the joint SCO-CSTO Outreach Session on Afghanistan.In his remarks, the Prime Minister highlighted the problems caused by growing radicalisation and extremism in the broader SCO region which runs counter to the history of the region as a bastion of moderate and progressive cultures and values.PM Modi also said that the world must ensure that Afghan soil is not used for terrorism against any country. He said that the new regime in Afghanistan is not inclusive and has not come to power after negotiations.Owaisi, who made a series of tweets, said he agreed that radicalisation anywhere is a threat to rule of law everywhere. He also said a bunch of extremists gathering at drop of a hat to lynch innocent men is radicalisation.The AIMIM leader said the government should take a stand on the situation in Afghanistan.”Will you fall in line with US diktats and waive Taliban travel ban? Or will you take an independent stand? Are you listing Taliban as terrorists under UAPA or are you delisting them from UN Sanctions list? Talk is cheap, no one will take you seriously till you take a stand,” he said in a tweet.Afghanistan plunged into crisis last month after the Taliban took control of the capital Kabul and the government collapsed as former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country.