Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali should resign: Krishna Sagar Rao

Minister KT Rama Rao’s tweet declaring the arrest of the accused in the 6 year old girl’s rape and murder case, and his subsequent retraction of his own Twitter statement clearly points at the utter confusion that prevails in TRS government. The right hand doesn’t seem to know what the left hand is doing, said BJP Telangana Chief Spokesperson K.Krishna Sagar Rao in a release.  

“It also exposes the adhocism and misgovernance which has become the hallmark of KCR’s government. Home Minister Mahmood Ali is missing in action, as always. There is no official media statement from him explaining the case to public. Neither did DGP Mahender Reddy explain to public the details of this heinous crime and progress of its investigation, so far’, he added.  

BJP demands Home Minister of the State to not forefiet his responsibility to the people of Telangana State by being incognito, even while such a heinous and serious crime occurred under his nose and the culprit is still absconding, after days of committing this unimaginable crime. BJP demands Home Minister Mahmood Ali’s resignation. If he cannot manage the law and order situation in Telangana State, he must resign immediately, said Mr. Krishna Sagar Rao.