Agriculture: Sustainable Agricultural Practices are a new hope

Sustainable Agricultural Practices are a new hope

In the 1960s Green Revolution was introduced in India. Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides use has incrementally increased. These chemicals used increased Air Pollution and decreased Soil Fertility. Thanks to the growing awareness about Environmental Pollution, Traditional Practices are finding their ground. One such traditional practice in the news is the Organic Manure.

Organic Manure preparation :
-Take 2 kg of jaggery and combine it with 200 litres of water in a plastic drum.
-Now, take One bottle of waste decomposer and pour all its contents into the solution.
-For a uniform distribution of waste decomposer in a drum, properly mix it with a wooden stick.
-Cover the drum with paper or cardboard and stir it once or twice a day.

After five days, the drum solution turns into a Semi-Liquid state.

Composition: 20 litres of waste decomposer solution should be mixed with 2 kgs of jaggery and 20 litres of water in a drum. This Organic Manure helps in the regeneration of soil fertility. Earthworms, famously known as farmer friends, play a vital role in the process.

Mr. G. Santosh, an agriculture extension officer at Kangti Mandal, Telangana has guided the local farmers to adopt this sustainable practice. He made some suggestions and raised awareness among farmers about the preparation, use of waste decomposers, during the Kharif 2021 season. On following AEO Santosh’s advice, farmers got good results and they want to continue the practice for the next season.

Organic Manure promotes the growth of soil micro-organisms and creates a favourable environment for nutrient release. Waste decomposer acts as biofertilizer, biocontrol agent, and soil health restorer. This experiment in Telangana state stands as an ideal model for the rest of the farmers to follow. It’s high time we move towards sustainable agriculture practices and encourage the new-age officers.