Life: Communication is Key

Communication is the backbone of every relation, but Emotions make it effective.

By: Pranay Jain Godha

We all go to restaurant for lunch or dinner. We order starters before, we go for main course. So, among starters, Papad (Appadam) is one. But what makes is tasty? The salad & masala on it, makes it spicy and add a taste. Similarly, in our daily lives, we meet and interact with many people of various backgrounds. We communicate with them to convey our thoughts and ideas. Just like salad & masala makes the Papad tastier, it is the “Emotions” that we add to our communication, makes it more effective.

When it comes to communication, we pass on some information. But is it the sole purpose of communication? No. Being understood and accepted is an emotional need of every human being. So, for others to accept us, they need to understand us and to understand us, we must be able to express ourselves. And, hence, it is through communication we also have to convey our intentions and our feelings. But how are those intentions conveyed? How are those feelings expressed? Obviously, it is through Emotions.

Emotions can be expressed in many ways. It can at times be verbal or at times nor-verbal. Sometimes it reflects on our face and sometimes it gets noticed through our voice. Now, a same thing can be expressed in many ways. If one is angry with someone, either he/she can yell at them or they can convey the same anger in low tone. If someone is excited and happy after meeting someone, then it also can be expressed by a loud laughter or shout out or can be expressed just by grinning.

So, Emotions are clearly personal, as they often project what we’re feeling on the inside to those around us whether we want it to show or not. When we communicate our emotions, we call attention to ourselves and provide information to others and express how we are feeling within, which further convey a message to the other person about how they should react. We express our feelings through emotions, while we communicate with anyone. Feelings play a big role in communication. Emotional awareness, or the ability to understand feelings, will help you succeed when communicating with other people. As I said, being understood is one basic emotional need of every human being, it applies to every single individual. So, at certain times, understanding how a person is communicating with you is more important than what is actually being said.

To understand the relevance of emotions in communication, we need to realise that, Emotions help us understand what’s really important and what’s not. When we get a clarity about this, then we act or react appropriately. The other importance of Emotions in communication is this that, it conveys the hidden intention or feeling which is intangible and invisible. So, as now we understood, how emotions play a prominent role in making communications effective, one must practice and acquire the skill of being aware of understanding one’s own emotions and also that of others. Because, only an effective and peaceful communication will help us deliver what we feel and how we feel. It is communication that let us convey what matters to us the most. So, I wish everyone understand the importance of emotions in communication, to express ourselves better and understand others in a best way, as being understood is basic human emotional need.