Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited cautions public on employment frauds

RFCL cautions public on employment frauds

Ramagundam Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited, CGM- Project site V.K Banger has cautioned public on employment frauds. “It is brought to the notice of RFCL management that money is being demanded from the public for securing employment in various contracts as contractual workers / labour at RFCL project site”, he said. He informed that the general public that, no money is required to be paid to anyone for the purpose of securing employment as contractual workers / labours at RFCL Project Site. Mr. Banger requested the public to be cautious against such fraudulent activities and to refrain paying money to anyone offering contractual employment/jobs at RFCL Project Site. 

“It is hereby made clear that contractual employment as contract worker/labour at RFCL is purely on contractual basis and temporary in nature. Hiring against contract is the sole responsibility of the respective contractor and RFCL has no role to play in the said matter. Therefore, RFCL reiterates that it has no role in hiring or employment of any contractual worker or labour at RFCL and appeals to general public not to be misled of the contractual employment as permanent jobs and fall prey for such fraudulent practices”, said Mr. Banger.

RFCL is a prestigious project taken up by Government of India with ‘’Make in India’’ initiative to provide adequate and timely availability of urea at affordable prices to the farmers for maximising agricultural production in the country and it plays a significant role in taking India towards providing food security to all its citizens.