Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) at NTPC Ramagundam

Launch of Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) at NTPC Ramagundam

NTPC Ramagundam on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi under CSR-CD in association with Dhanwantari Hospital, launched the services of providing Maternal and Child Health Care (MCH) in the surrounding project affected villages. The mission of the project is to provide antenatal/prenatal and postnatal preventive healthcare services to expectant and new mothers along with providing preventive primary healthcare services to new-born babies and infants, with a higher purpose to reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR).

The project is expected to meet the medical needs of 17 project-affected villages and hamlets in the vicinity of NTPC Ramagundam Speaking on the occasion, Itwari Ram Lahiri CMO NTPC Dhanwantari briefed the gathering about the benefits of setting up mobile medical unit. “The MMU will help us in decreasing the IMR and MMR and will be providing antenatal and post-natal care or to the expectant mother and supporting staff, will be deputed for the mobile medical unit.

SS Trivedia, DGM HR-CSR said that the, MMU unit will be covering all the project affected villages and clusters of Ramagundam and will provide doorstep basic medical facilities to PAPs. Sunil Kumar, Chief General Manager Ramagundam and Telangana lauded and reiterated that NTPC Ramagundam’s commitment towards contributing to the cause of providing better accessible healthcare services in the project affected villages.

The project was formally flagged off by Sunil Kumar CGM Ramagundam and Telangana from Mahatma Gandhi Stadium, PTS and dedicated the mobile medical unit to the project affected village. GMs of all the department and welfare bodies were present on the occasion.