Passing Out Course conducted at MCEME

Twenty two young and determined Gentlemen Cadets (GCs) of the Technical Entry Scheme-41 (TES-41) course passed out from the portals of Cadets Training Wing (CTW), Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) after completing three years of tough and arduous technical and military training.

Award Distribution Ceremony of the Passing Out Course (POC) (TES-41) was conducted in an impressive ceremony with full military decorum at the MCEME Auditorium on 06 May 2023. Major General Ajay Sharma Officiating Commandant, MCEME was the Chief Guest for the event. The function was attended by large number of distinguished guests, senior officers & proud parents of GCs of TES-41 Course.

While welcoming the Officiating Commandant and other dignitaries, Brigadier Rajesh Sihag, Commander, CTW congratulated the passing out course for their exemplary performance in all training activities during the course. The Chief Guest in his address congratulated all the GCs and parents of the POC and applauded them for choosing the profession of arms for which many strive and only a few make. The General Officer exhorted the course to be aware of the rapid technological challenges which are manifesting in the modern day battlefield and to be prepared to confront them with professional acumen. He emphasised on essential qualities of professional competence and commitment in an officer.

The Chief Guest awarded meritorious GCs of the course with various awards and medals. The prestigious GOC-in-C ARTRAC Gold medal for standing first in order of merit was awarded to Wing Cadet Captain Thorat Sandesh Sanjay, Silver Medal for standing second was awarded to Wing Cadet Adjutant Utsav Alexander and Bronze medal for standing third was awarded to Platoon Cadet Captain Prateek Rawat. Awards were also given to GCs excelling in various aspects of training to incl Drill, Officer Like Qualities, Weapon Training, Outdoor Training, Military Subjects and Sports. The ceremony was followed by interaction of the Chief Guest with GCs of POC and their parents over a high tea.