YSRCP attacks TDP for igniting riots and fuelling violence in Macherla

Macherla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy today condemned the violent clashes that erupted in Palnadu in the wee hours on December 16 and attacked the TDP for orchestrating violence in the region. Narrating the turn of events, YSRCP MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna said that the whole incident was a well-planned conspiracy concocted by the opposition TDP to destroy the social harmony in Palnadu.

He said that after receiving backlash from the people in Palnadu, TDP was now desperate for attention and hence resorting to violence to malign YSRCP’s image. Describing the incident, MLA said that TDP top brass Chandrababu and Nara Lokesh deliberately sent faction leaders to Macherla to ignite riots.

YSRCP MLA alleged that since faction-based sentiments are prevalent in the area, TDP misused these sentiments to gain political benefits. He said, ‘This is the true face of the Telugu Desam Party.’ Attacking TDP leader Brahmananda Reddy, Macherla MLA accused him of provoking people and giving instructions to TDP activists to indulge in arson and ransack cars, and homes and even attack people. He further questioned, “How were TDP activists prepared with sticks & rods if they were only visiting the area to conduct the Idhem Karma Ra program?” YSRCP MLA added that this is a shred of clear evidence that TDP activists came well-prepared to attack people and ignite violence in the region. “TDP is responsible for the destruction of all public property, vehicles, and houses. The whole incident has been captured on camera. We have all the videos. The authorities should investigate the incident and take speedy action against the culprits,” he said.