Classes Nil… Fees full. Complaint on Delhi Public School

Classes Nil… Fees full. Parent complains on Ghatkesar Delhi Public School on Twitter to Minister KTR

All public and private educational institutions across the country closed due to the Covid-19 in the recent past. However, some school managements have charging full fees, even there are no full-fledged classes. Although the government instructed the to collect only tuition fees, some private schools in the suburbs of Hyderabad are acting arbitrarily in defiance of government directives. There have been criticisms that reputed schools in the are forcibly charging fees by conducting classes only online.

There are allegations that private school owners have warned parents that, if full fees not paid the link for online classes will not be provided. Some private school managements, even collecting transport fees, even there is no physical classes. There also allegations that they were told to buy books where they were told, to impose conditions or to pay the bill at the school itself. Corporate schools and colleges have been focusing on fee collection for the past few months. Parents are voicing that they are putting extreme pressure on the parents of the students by texting and talking directly on the phone.

Similarly, there are allegations that the management of the Delhi Public School in Ghatkesar is operating with the aim of earning money, managing classes, forcing them to pay fees, and now charging higher fees than on normal days. In this context, a parent has lodged a complaint with the state IT and Municipal Minister KTR on Twitter, expressing his displeasure and requesting action to be taken against the educational institution.